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Recently, we were asked how can you be fanatical about data? We were quick to chortle in response, how can you not? In our world, data opens up so many possibilities; unlocking thinking; uncovering patterns; untapping hidden values.

To us, data in all its forms is simply marvellous. Here are our most favourite aspects:

1. Big data analytics

Putting our investigative hats on and uncovering hidden patterns and correlations from data, is how we tend to get our kicks. Trust us, it’s pretty satisfying.

Big data analytics software can show everything from structured transaction data to customer satisfaction levels. These insights are not only eye-openers, they can identify all new business and marketing opportunities.

If that’s not exciting enough, streaming analytics applications are able to provide real time analytics to facilitate immediate and confident decision making. Big data equals big news.

2. Data can tell a story

Just like a juicy page turner, there is much to be taken from studying data effectively. Statistical analysis, detailed findings, connecting the dots can all be extracted and turned into something meaningful; a conclusive outcome for a key business decision.

More than just a dashboard of analytics, business data can be truly impactful when read and considered correctly. Personally speaking, we love when qualitative and quantatative data combine with data visualisation techniques to tell a story. To communicate complex findings in simple terms, all about how a business is operating and where it can go.

3. Database normalisation

Organising data efficiently and achieving data integrity is paramount to the day in the life of a database developer. Database normalisation is a database principle that we adhere to when dealing with relational databases to reduce data storage, prevent anomalies and inconsistencies.

Throughout our work, we seek to refine business processes to improve performance. Principles such as these help to steer us in the right direction.

4. Smart data driven decisions

As far as we’re concerned you do not need to be a data expert to make smart data driven decisions. Data often speaks for itself.

Once you have the data at your fingertips, database development specialists are able to help you keep it on the pulse. Advising on the best recommendations to match your data findings.

Having a system which efficiently captures, records and conveys your business data eliminates guesswork, and ensures decisions are precise and measured. Every single time.

5. Taking to the cloud

Expectations are getting greater to provide access to data anywhere, any time and on any device. File sharing and collaboration are some of the most-requested cloud services. By embracing cloud technology, you can optimise database access and performance.

Providing a scalable, cost effective solution to monitor your infrastructure while keeping your data in safe hands with tailored backup and disaster recovery services in place to mitigate risk. Cloud-hosted databases are the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Turning paper into process

Confession time. We get really quite excited when we are asked to take a paper based system digital. For us, it’s akin to clearing out that messy cupboard at home and making it into an amazing new space that you can’t help wondering why you’d never sorted before.

Sure, sometimes the prospect of going from a paper or desktop system to a digital application can seem daunting. However, in actual fact we are simplifying data infrastructure; making it easier to work with; making better use of time and resources.

There’s something therapeutic as well as rewarding about creating new digital processes for a database system, with multiple users and actions incorporated. Creating meaningful data processes that are highly accessible and a welcome breath of fresh air.

So, there you have it. Data is knowledge; knowledge is power. What’s not to love?

Do you have a project that requires a passion for data? Do you have more data than you can handle? Then you know who to call:

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