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Awevio aim to create mindfully created software applications.

We produce both Native Windows and Web based software over multiple platforms and channels. Each and every build, while unique, always strives to be efficient, purposeful and delivered to a high level of user satisfaction.

Our trusty software developers specialise in producing applications which refine business processes and deliver awesome user experience. They’re very clever like that.

Especially for you

In our book, bespoke software development is an art form. In which there are creative and technical parts of the process. Yet no two pieces are ever the same. That’s because our development is totally tailored to your business needs, goals and people.

Part of our mission is to deliver an exceptional product that sets you apart. To deliver wider company goals. Enable users to achieve more. Make progress possible.

Second nature software

It’s true that our UX designers are dab hands at crafting beautifully elegant interfaces. Yet their everyday principal focus is to design for intentional, effortless, fast interactions.

For us, an excellent user experience is all about simplifying and refining existing processes.

Our software intends to be intuitive and reflective. Reducing number of clicks and producing consistent layouts can quickly evoke new, more efficient habits. With our expertise, a complex business process should feel swift, satisfying and like second nature in next to no time.

User-driven design

Every Awevio software solution is rooted in our consultative approach. Guiding and collaborating with the software users as we go.

Our user-driven design approach starts from our first conversation and continues throughout development.

Our expertise and methodology in delivering workshops and consultations will help us to understand what your users really need to make the software an office hit.

We’re also quite keen to make sure that your software development experience is an enjoyable one. As such we make the process straightforward, manageable, flexible. And do our best to keep the geek speak to a minimum.

Testing 1 2 3

Perceptions and feedback are key to how we work. That’s why we employ test-driven development environments.

Our software developers produce working software throughout key stages of the process to allow user testing and ensure the software is as robust as can be.

Precision is absolutely fundamental to our delivery. Getting it right as we go makes for streamlined implementation and can also reduce future maintenance costs.

Data & database management


Refining business processes with highly accessible SQL and Cloud database systems.

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Mobile development services offered


Connecting people business wide with real time mobile apps, reporting & communications.

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Website & web app development services


Creating dynamic, digital, and online line of business applications / websites for customers

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Consulting services


Guiding and collaborating to create the best software solution for your needs.

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