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Technological developments are unlocking exciting opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Developing a business app or a suite of apps can increase engagement with employees, create closer connections with customers, and provide enhanced business intelligence.

Our team of mobile first UI designers and Software Developers apply rapid application development to optimise mobile functionality. Be it for Native or Web applications for either line of business or commercial purposes. Synchronising mobile data on and off line for working in remote locations, speed and security are always of the essence.

So whether you are looking for a management reporting system or a customer loyalty application, we can enable your business to evolve in the mobile space.

Mobile first design approach

Our design approach always involves prototyping with wireframes to ensure the user has been carefully considered.

When it comes to creating business apps, we also adopt a mobile first design approach. Rather than squeeze desktop content into a mobile screen, our UX designers look at how we can best optimise the mobile device first and foremost. Placing the mobile user at the heart of design and development.

Content must be concise and interactions fast to provide a relevant, fulfilling mobile experience. From there, the app and its functionality can be adapted for other larger devices.

Achieving enterprise mobility

Utilising mobile technology really can be transformative for a business. Greater flexibility, communications and productivity.

Yet it can be a complex process, especially where large amounts of data are involved. Meticulous planning is required to achieve effective enterprise mobility.

Our mobile strategists work to harness the power of modern technology for your business; your data; your people. There are many routes and formulas; and we can help decide which is best for you.

To provide a solution that gives you an edge over competitors and engages employees working in the office and remotely.

Navigating you through the process

Once we have achieved a high performance app with an approved user experience, we can begin the submission to the relevant app store.

Our development team have fantastic experience in this deployment process, which can be complex. We will happily guide you through or, if you prefer, can take care of the process entirely to ensure the correct certification and visibility is achieved.

Right at the beginning of the app development process, our mobile developers can provide insights on achieving success in the App store. We can also work with you on deployment of future upgrades and advising on how innovations in mobile technology can continue to benefit your business in the mobile world.

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