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Making a digital leap forwards

Software development at first glance can seem complex and overwhelming. So many technology choices; so many business objectives you need to achieve, and fast.

We think by now we have software development down to a fine art. We approach it methodically and analytically, one stage at a time. When we work together on a project, we are constantly guiding and collaborating to make the process manageable.

Our consulting services are here to introduce you to the process. Before you are ready to get your project started. To make you confident you’re heading in the right direction. Perhaps you have a software strategy or concept in mind that needs breaking down into definable phased projects. Or maybe you have a specification, that you need detail and timescales to help mitigate risk and gain stakeholder approval.

Our software consultants are here to really understand what you’re trying to achieve, and recommend the best way to succeed. To give your digital leap forwards an assured and positive starting point.

Making tailored recommendations

We like to talk business; to build up a picture of where your business is now and where it wants to be. To really fill in that picture, we like to ask lots of questions. To help us define the very best solution or route to market.

Is a native, website, or hybrid app the best route for your business? Do you require a brand new application programming interface or would you prefer we integrate to an existing API? Do your employees need to have access to live data? Will your website need to manage large data sets? Do you need guidance on how best to market and optimise your content? Would you like full control of your online space beyond development and go live, or do you require technical and administrative support? What level of in-house digital expertise would benefit your team?

Once we have a nice clear picture, we can begin to present recommendations to you. Ones that make perfect sense for your business goals.

Developing an enterprise software strategy

Having a well thought out specification is a great start to any project. However, we believe that a software strategy is what truly drives a development forwards.

Software developers need to have a project goal in mind. To achieve more efficient reporting capabilities or to increase number of return visitors to a mobile app. However, it really pays for a developer to understand the bigger picture too. The wider company vision and long term plans for growth. Being able to define your current technology architecture and usage and business processes and performance, alongside your corporate strategy, enables our development team to envisage how to bridge the gaps.

A clearly defined strategy will also consider what comes next. A phased plan for developing and implementing an enterprise suite of applications. Our software consultants can help you express this level of detail. With a view to making you confident and motivated in your decision making.

A comprehensive technical audit

Innovation is paramount to giving your business an edge. Our software consultants can assess whether you are utilising the optimum technology, and how you can keep on progressing.

How your technology use and resources currently stands is of great importance to your software development team.

Matching your current technical standing with your project budget and strategic goals, our software consultants can help to plan a phased approach to accelerating innovations. To source the best approach for integrating your systems and migrating your data to something new.

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