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Having an online presence can work wonders for the productivity and connectivity of your business. Utilising rapid development, our team produce fully responsive and optimised websites and web applications with cross-browser compatability.

Our bespoke digital communications employ the latest web functionalities to achieve an intuitive, memorable user experience. Focusing on creating a powerful online communication tool best suited to your business needs.

Our design and development teams come together to craft a distinctive web experience tailored to what we learn about your employees and target audience. Every interaction, every data set, every button is mindfully designed and tested.

User experience design

When it comes to websites, user experience is key to happy employees and return visitors. First impressions really do count. At Awevio we focus on excellent usability from the very start.

By carrying out detailed user analysis early on in the development, we look to gain a true understanding of how your people will make best use of the website. From here, we can also offer a marketing perspective, considering the most relevant content and ways in which you can reach your target audience.

Interaction design always takes place before any web development. This involves our UX designers using our user analysis findings to lay the foundations of the site structure and navigation. Using wireframes at the beginning of the design process, we look to determine how the user will interact with the website.

From here, we can prototype usability; testing key functionality and interactions and opening up a dialogue with the user. Our creative team can then begin to work their magic on producing an on-brand, on-trend UI design.

Achieving success online

Visibility is key online. Whether that be climbing up the search engine ranking or displaying content that is easy to read and manage. We like to know that our bespoke web developments are enjoyed by many and often.

Our insights team have expertise in utilising search engine optimisation and marketing to gain reach. As part of our user-driven design approach, we aim to advise on relevant web content too. Words, visuals, data, blogs, social media, that will increase on site interactions and engagement.

Achieving success online isn’t an exact science. However, at Awevio we take care in the detail. To create a bespoke development formula which reflects your business as well as digital trends. Above all, we advocate dynamic websites that keep on moving. Adapting and reacting.

Web hosting, guidelines & security

Broadcasting your services to the world is an amazing feat. However, due care and attention needs to be paid to protecting your site and your data from the world.

Our website development team are fastidious in their rapid development approach. Ensuring they adhere to web guidelines and best practice, to get your website in the best starting position.

From the outset of our web developments, we consider how your site will be hosted to make your data highly available and secure at all times.

Take all measures to ensure data is securely hosted, providing you with continued peace of mind. Adhering to data protection and data standards ISO 270001

Data & database management


Refining business processes with highly accessible SQL and Cloud database systems.

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Software development


Empowering employees with user driven, distinctively bespoke software development.

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Mobile development services offered


Connecting people business wide with real time mobile apps, reporting & communications.

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Website & web app development services


Creating dynamic, digital, and online line of business applications / websites for customers

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